Our avocados are grown on the Highgrove Estate in collaboration with Greens Farms Nut Co . They are then hand picked from the trees in the orchards with a phenomenal work force who have the greatest respect for these farm lands. The fruit is carefully tested for maturity before harvest season begins  and once picked the fruit is ready to reach maturity to ripeness. This is one of natures small miracles because it permits time. Time to harvest the fruit, time to sort it with a loyal works-force, and time for transportation. We have a variety of avocados on our farm from Feurte, Edranol, Pinkerton, Hass and Ryan. Once the fruit has been harvested, they are carefully transported to pack houses and then exported for international and local markets or processed into  avocado oil.

You can get a taste of these avocados in our winter months, May - July, by joining us for an orchard tour around the farm (social distancing rules apply). These tours are guided for educational purposes and reservation is required 3 days in advance. After the tour, join us for our signature avocado chicken salad (vegan option available) by the Garden Restaurant - seated outdoors should weather permit. 


Honey Bees are gravely misunderstood creatures, who play a vital roll in sustaining our agricultural industry and the earths eco-system.  not pests; they are a highly developed species of the animal world and contribute significantly to the sustainability of the eco-system in all areas urban environment, farming areas and bush lands. In Africa alone there are an estimated 3000 species of bees. In Mpumalanga the main species  of honey bee is Apis Mellifera Scutellata which is found throughout South Africa. We house over 16 hives for these honey bees, and we harvest in small batches.