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Kruger National Park The park is one of South Africa’s biggest tourist attractions. Established by President Paul Kruger in the late 19th century to put an end to the indiscriminate hunting, this world-famous park stretches 380km from North to South and 60km wide but is a mere thirty minute drive from White River to the nearest gate. Home to the Big Five, and hundreds of other species, the park is open daily. The roads are mostly "sand-tarred" and can be traversed with an ordinary car.

Panorama Route Spectacular scenery can be seen on any of the following drives. Explore them individually or plan a combination route: Sabie, Mac Mac Falls, Pilgrim's Rest, Graskop, God's Window, Blyde River Canyon, Bourke's Luck Potholes, Pinnacle Rock and Kowyns Pass.

Chimpanzee Eden Set on a 1,000 hectare game reserve, the JGI Chimpanzee Eden is a home to chimpanzees that have been misplaced from their natural habitat. The world renowned Jane Goodall Institute has made this tranquil venue their South African sanctuary and has committed itself to the rescue and care take of chimpanzees in need of refuge, being the first and only chimpanzee sanctuary in South Africa, this venue brings the world of chimpanzees closer to humanity through education, tourism and modern technology.

Elephant Sanctuary The Elephant Sanctuary provides a safe haven for their elephants and offers a unique platform for guest education and interaction. All programs are guest and elephant driven, which means the most important part of their operation is to ensure happy elephants and satisfied guests. The close encounter with elephants you experience at The Elephant Sanctuary truly is one of a kind.

 The Elephant Sanctuary is a family orientated operation catering for both young and old. Focusing on education through interaction, so you will not only learn a lot about elephants, but also get to touch, feel, feed, walk trunk-in-hand and even ride these magnificent animals.

Sudwala Caves, and Dinosaur Park The series of caverns called the Sudwala Caves are one of South Africa's major attractions. The caves are believed to be about 2 000 million years old and contain not only stalagmites and stalagtites, but also the fossilised remains of primitive early life forms known as 'collenia'.

The Dinosaur Park at the Sudwala Caves is set in a lush tropical garden. It contains life-sized, scientifically accurate models of pre-historic animals. The Park tells the story of the development of life on earth. Its models are as diverse as the ancient amphibious and mammal-like reptiles, dinosaurs, extinct mammals and pre-historic man.

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