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Highgrove House Country Hotel - Surrounding Area and Activities

Kruger National Park
The park is one of South Africa’s biggest tourist attractions. Established by President Paul Kruger in the late 19th century to put an end to the indiscriminate hunting, this world-famous park stretches 380km from North to South and 60km wide but is a mere thirty minute drive from White River to the nearest gate. Home to the Big Five, and hundreds of other species, the park is open daily. The roads are mostly "sand-tarred" and can be traversed with an ordinary car.

Panorama Route
Spectacular scenery can be seen on any of the following drives. Explore them individually or plan a combination route: Sabie, Mac Mac Falls, Pilgrim's Rest, Graskop, God's Window, Blyde River Canyon, Bourke's Luck Potholes, Pinnacle Rock and Kowyns Pass.

Chimpanzee Eden
Set on a 1,000 hectare game reserve, the JGI Chimpanzee Eden is a home to chimpanzees that have been misplaced from their natural habitat. The world renowned Jane Goodall Institute has made this tranquil venue their South African sanctuary and has committed itself to the rescue and care take of chimpanzees in need of refuge, being the first and only chimpanzee sanctuary in South Africa, this venue brings the world of chimpanzees closer to humanity through education, tourism and modern technology.

Elephant Sanctuary
The Elephant Sanctuary provides a safe haven for their elephants and offers a unique platform for guest education and interaction.
All programs are guest and elephant driven, which means the most important part of their operation is to ensure happy elephants and satisfied guests. The close encounter with elephants you experience at The Elephant Sanctuary truly is one of a kind.

 The Elephant Sanctuary is a family orientated operation catering for both young and old. Focusing on education through interaction, so you will not only learn a lot about elephants, but also get to touch, feel, feed, walk trunk-in-hand and even ride these magnificent animals.

Extreme Adventures
The lowveld offers a variety of extreme activities, like the Big Swing and Highwire in Graskop and the bridge swing in Sabie. Do the aerial cable trail in Hazyview, which is the longest in Africa, abseiling available in Graskop, Sabie, Hazyview and Hoedspruit. More relaxing adventures like Balloon flights, horse riding, hiking trails and tubing are also on offer.

Sudwala Caves, and Dinosaur Park
The series of caverns called the Sudwala Caves are one of South Africa's major attractions. The caves are believed to be about 2 000 million years old and contain not only stalagmites and stalagtites, but also the fossilised remains of primitive early life forms known as 'collenia'.

The Dinosaur Park at the Sudwala Caves is set in a lush tropical garden. It contains life-sized, scientifically accurate models of pre-historic animals. The Park tells the story of the development of life on earth. Its models are as diverse as the ancient amphibious and mammal-like reptiles, dinosaurs, extinct mammals and pre-historic man.

Lowveld Botanical Gardens
You can explore these magnificent gardens on several hiking trails and view the extensive indigenous tree collection, one of the largest collections of cycads, the African Rainforest and two waterfalls. There is also an abundance of bird life and beautiful picnic spots, with a restaurant and coffee shop in the gardens. Regular Sunday concerts are held during the winter months.

Perry's Bridge Trading Post
A unique shopping experience in beautiful surroundings. Discover a wide selection of curios, linen, leather, confectionery and decor shops. Pamper yourself in the beauty salon, tantalise your taste buds in the deli or spend a lazy afternoon at Digby's Restaurant which offers local and African cuisine.

Rottcher Orange Wineries
Established in 1959 as Rottcher Wineries, the Rottcher Group now boasts not only a successful winery, but also a nuttery, equestrian centre and the famous Wolhuters Art Gallery. Being one of only three orange wineries in the country, Rottcher Wineries takes pride in the unique taste and packaging of their famous Avalencia orange and ginger liquors. Packaged in hand-painted stoneware jugs, these products make excellent mementos of your Lowveld holiday and are ideal as gifts. In this enchanting valley, the "plop" of nuts falling to the ground can be heard when the season comes around. The farm gives its name to a whole range of packaged nuts - pecans, almonds, peanuts and macadamias. Rottcher also exports macadamias all over the world.

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre
The centre has established itself as one of the leading private research and breeding facilities for endangered species in the country. The centre places particular emphasis on the breeding and maintenance of cheetah in captivity. The centre now also breeds and conserves other African species for reintroduction to the wild. The excellent condition of these animals and the premises on which they are maintained, reflect the attention to detail, which is the hallmark of this facility. Daytime and evening game-viewing drives for visitors finish with a lunch or dinner in the form of a gourmet barbecue at a boma.

Tsakani Silk
Make Tsakani House of African Silks your shopping destination when visiting the Lowveld. If you want to feel pampered and special and experience first-hand the luxury of hand-made, exquisitely crafted silk clothing and accessories, visit their shop and tantalize your senses. The Tsakani product range was originally developed for the Tsakani Silk Farm and includes both wild and cultivated silk products. The company focuses on the creation of fine quality products with a distinct African character using local technology and resources.

Bosch Ceramic Studio
Anton Bosch works from his pottery studio in White River. He creates individually designed ceramic pieces, which are sought after collector’s items as well as functional, decorative household items. He has developed and mastered various innovative techniques in the production of individual tiles, basins and vases. He is recognised for his subtle understated colours, which blend into interesting textures and designs. His work is influenced by his close relationship with nature.

Shangana Cultural Village
The residents of the traditional villages of Shangana invite guests to share in the way of life of the Shangaan people. The picturesque villages are set in the shade of ancient trees in a reserve of forest and grassland. Local crafts are sold at the Marula Market village, and tours are led by trained guides. Daytime tours takes the visitor on a winding path through fields and bush, to a village where a Shangaan family lives. The guide explains their fascinating way of life, before moving on to the Sangoma's Kraal for a lesson in traditional medicines. Midday tours enable visitors to share a meal with the Shangaan family in the village. During the Evening festival the history of the Shangaans is presented by a huge cast of choristers and dancers before dinner is served inside the huts. Prior bookings for lunch and the evening festival is essential.

Matsamo Cultural Park
Matsamo offers tourists and friends the opportunity to interact with the Swazi people of the region and to share spontaneously their traditions and customs in a relaxed atmosphere at their cultural centre. On arrival you will be welcomed by a well-informed guide and accompanied to Emvelo, a traditional African homestead. Here you enjoy sharing a taste of Africa’s own traditions and customs. Guests can wander through the village with its many huts and seclusions, each allocated for a specific social function, and interact with villagers as they go about their daily activities. The highlight is certainly the song and dance performed by the villagers, which usually results in keen participation by guests. The duration of tours varies according to each group’s interest and available time. Approximately one hour must be allowed for a basic tour and performance.


Ngwenya Glass
Witness first-hand the magical art of glassblowing from an overhead balcony. Each item handmade from 100 % recycled glass. Browse around the adjoining showroom which is well stocked, and purchase your little memento of a truly African visit.

Swazi Candles
Situated in the Malkerns Valley in the Kingdom of Swaziland, Swazi Candles has been producing fine handmade candles since 1981. Local artists and craftsmen produce unique candle designs which are renowned throughout the world. The shop offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, with a big variety of candles available for purchase. In the workshop visitors can have a look at the candle making process and relax in the neighbouring Cafe.

Nsangwini Bushman Paintings
The Bushman paintings offer a unique glimpse into the Bantu people’s lives. The caves are managed by the Nsangwini Community, with trained guides on hand to lead visitors through the rock art and interpret the paintings.

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