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Is Africology natural? Africology has a deep routed belief which goes against the use of chemicals such as parabens, propylene glycol and other synthetic materials all together. Instead we capture the intelligence of nature in order to create products which are results driven.

How long will my Africology products last? Considering all Africology products are free from chemicals our products will not have the shelf life of a product which does. However we have designed the product with bio-identical ingredients which allow the lifespan of the product to be 8-12 months UNOPENDED, 6-8 months ONCE OPENED. 

Where is Africology produced? All Africology products are produced in South Africa. Africology proudly endorses the use of indigenous ingredients such as Aloe, Rooibos, Marula and African potato. 

Does Africology have any certification for their products? All Africology products are manufactured to the highest standards in a certified laboratory. Furthermore all Africology products have undergone intensive testing by independent, internationally recognised testing laboratories. All products have been DERMATOLOGICALLY tested, ALLERGY tested and TOXICOLOGICALLY tested and have passed with flying colours. 

Does Africology test their products on Animals? Africology strongly disagrees with the practice of animal testing, so much so that all of our dermatological testing is performed upon human test subjects with prior consent.

How long until I begin seeing results from my Africology products purchased? Keeping in mind that Africology is a natural product, free from harsh chemicals, the initial period for the visible results vary from immediate effects, from two weeks up to a month depending on the specific product and your previous choice of product. However all Africology products will get to work immediately, penetrating the upper dermis, flushing out toxins, boosting the skins natural immune system and restoring balance. 

How long has Africology been around? Africology has been on the market for just over 10 years; the brand itself however had been in conceptualisation stages and production for up to 15 years.

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