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Highgrove House Country Hotel Core Values

Our values reflect what is really important and matters to me as a privately owned business owner. My Guest and Staff are the solid foundation and main principles of the existence of the business. By consistently working hard to maintain our values, we endeavour to preserve what makes Highgrove House so special - a sincere and deep commitment to each other, our guests whom we serve every day and the communities within which we work and live.


To give personalised, warm and consistently exceptional service: We appreciate the myriad of choices and alternatives our customers have to choose from, and therefore set the bar high for ourselves, to provide the highest quality services and products we possibly can.

To value, respect and support each other: We believe that care comes from caring and so provide a level of care for our team members that inspires by example, generates trust, respect, open and honest communication and appreciation.

To create positive, memorable experiences for every guest: We work hard to meet or exceed our customers' expectations on every visit to Highgrove House. By serving our customers with very personable, proficient, friendly, competent service, and listening to their needs we create memorable and distinctive experiences as well as loyal, returning guests.

To care about and give back to our local communities: We recognize and appreciate our responsibility to be active participants in our local communities. We believe in trying to also give of our time to community and service organizations. We believe that it is important to give something back and make a difference. In a world of shrinking natural resources, we must endeavour to conserve, reuse and care about those around us.

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